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I have fine and thinning hair. I found Dushi Hair Fibres is very easy to apply. There is more in quantity compared to other products on the market. Highly recommended.

Ananthy S.

Verified Buyer

Dushi Moroccan Hair Building Fibers

I love this product – I have tried all sorts of coloured fibres to fill in hair loss and this is the best yet and the colour is perfect.

Sharon T.

Verified Buyer

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hair loss

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Jacqueline Jossa opens up about post-pregnancy hair loss

22- year old Eastenders actress Jacqueline Jossa gave birth to her beautiful daughter Ella in February 2015. post-pregnancy hair loss Now she is reaching out to new mothers by talking about her post-pregnancy hair loss, hoping to offer reassurance to others. She took...
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As we leave winter and embrace the warmer months, you’ll no doubt be preparing your body for the new season. And although hair removal, fake tan and fresh nails are definitely essential steps, there’s still one area that always seems to get neglected – your scalp....
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Love colouring your hair but hate the regrowth?

Did you know Dushi Moroccan Hair Building Fibres are not only great for battling hair loss and covering thinning areas, but also your natural solution to regrowth between colourings. Love colouring your hair but hate the regrowth? Dushi has the answer; our Moroccan...
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Can hair loss concealers suffocate the follicle?

Can hair loss concealers suffocate the follicle? Sara Wasserbauer, MD, Walnut Creek Hair Restoration Surgeon, answers the question. There are many myths and urban legends about hair loss, particularly on the internet, and this is one of the more persistent ones. There...
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3 ways to fake fuller-looking hair

Fighting flat hair because it’s too fine, too lifeless, too URGH? Take a deep breath and step away from the mirror for a minute. Because guess what? You CAN have it. get fuller hair While you can’t change the natural texture of your hair, you can employ some helpful...
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