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hair fibres

Dushi Hair Building Fibres is 100% natural hair loss breakthrough for Men and Women. The hair fibres attach to thinning hair like magnets to give you a fuller hair look. Dushi is a professional grade product made to ISO standards and made of natural fibres from plants, safe even for sensitive scalps. It is free of ammonia, peroxide, animal ingredients, synthetic dyes, fillers and preservatives. Comes in 9 different colours. Give yourself confidence, in seconds. See how our natural hair building fibres help treat thinning hair and hair loss. Don’t hesitate and choose the best treatment on the market now!

*Works for customers at various stages of hair loss… 

hair fibres

 *Watch What Dushi can do for your hair


*Fantastic product, been using it for 6 months and love the results!



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Hair loss solution that industry experts and customers have come to trust.

*My hair is thinning but Dushi gave it more volume and thickness. Highly recommend it.


Double Bay, NSW

The End of Ordinary Products for Hair Loss

Dushi is not what you think it is. It is neither a “spray paint” nor “shoe polish”. It is like nothing you have used before.

* Disclaimer: Results may vary depending on hair loss stage